WR450 report from Aus

good stuff, thanks for posting this. :)



Thanks for the post. Gave me a great idea for dualsporting my new 450. Buy everything needed from Yamaha of Australia. :)

Ad, let me know if you need anything or any info.


Thanks for the post it helps with all these delays of the bike :)


I'll see if my local Yamaha dealer can order parts for bikes that are not imported to the US. If they can't then I may need some ideas.

Maybe we could put together a kit for the Thumper Talk store???

Twice now I have seen references in articles noting the handlebar mounted decompression lever.Where am I wrong here? I thought the decompression came from the exhaust cam/gyro/valve setup. Are the Aus models different? The only new handlebar lever I was aware of was the Hot start lever. Regarding dual sporting the bike, it should be easy. Using the battery as your source, and some additional wiring and just a few adjustments to the bike wires should be pretty easy. I'll know for sure in 2-4 weeks I hope.

Thanks for the great post. I noticed that all of those WRs had turn signals and all of that street legal stuff. There is no mention of this stuff on the U.S. versions. Like was already posted, maybe some Austrailian street legal kits for export.

Are those bikes for sale "down under" or are they just teasing you too? They sure look sweet. Oh well it's almost next month anyway. Thats when I'm supposed to get mine........ Jim

All WR's are on the floor street legal here, the 450's are not in the shop yet, they are teasing, apparently all the 426's came here as YZ's and were converted to WR's in a place called lillydale (bout 45 mins from me) you can see the add on wiring under the seat and beheind the head light, so i would imagine that the indicators and stuff could be found aftermarket somewhere, i dont know wether the same would be happening with the 450's, let me know what you need and i'll see what i can dig up.

Hope i covered everything,


OOOPS, missed jim p, I havent seen an actual WR450 in real life for about a month now and i cant remember seeing the decomp lever on it either, a freind of mine has something to do with eatmydirt so ill see if i can't get in touch with him and find out what the go is.


Hi Jim

From what I have seen on the YZ's and pics of WR's their is no decomp lever, it has been plugged but can be added

In speaking to YZ450 owners you dont need it as the bike kicks like a 250 2 stroke with the auto decomp on the exhaust cam.

The hot start is now on the handle bars

The guys in Lilydale Victoria, are called YZR Engineering. All the parts to legally dual-sport WR's in the 'States should be available through them,or Yamaha Australia. The paperwork I got with my 426 says that if you have any questions modifying WR's, to feel free to contact YZR Engineering, the email address is yzreng@smart.net.au They also have a website (I haven't checked it out yet, so don't know whats on there), the address is www.smart.net.au/yzreng Hope this helps.


Thanks for the info. Exactly what I needed. I love ThumperTalk. Happy New Year!!! :D:):D

I emailed the folks at YZR-Engineering a few days ago, no repsonse. I'm sure they're just enjoying the New Year holiday and can't get to the computer.

Happy New Year ThumperTalkers!!! :)

They'll be having a break for sure. :)

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