Great tight rocky trails in eastern PA

Myself and a couple of friends went to the Paragon Adventure Park this past Saturday.

If you like riding the woods, and you like rocky tight trails that are challenging, then you will love this place. We had a great time, and there are still lot of trails there that we didn't see.

Apparently there are 15,000 acres of land to ride on, but only 6,000 are open right now, with the others to follow within the next year.

I usually ride at Tower City, but this place was much more fun (to me). The trails are well marked, and they offer much more of a challange than the trails I've ridden at TC.

Anyway, it's a great place, and I can't wait to get back, and I thought some of you might be interested...



I can't agree with you more on this place. I wrote I post similar to yours a couple of weeks ago after my first visit to the Park.

We need to spread the word on this place -with the lack a good riding areas, I want to make sure that they stay in business.

BTW - did you attemp any of those nasty hill climbs coming out of that huge pit area?


We didn't get a chance to find the pit or the hill climbs.

We're all new to the park, and we didn't have anyone to show us around. Some guys from NJ told us about the sand pit and hills to climb, but we didn't get a chance to try/find them.

We were having too much fun on the rocky jeep trails, and supposedly there is a ton of awesome single track that we didn't even see !!!

The place is a blast.


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