WR project complete.. PICS

Just had the bike scaled with all fluids and gas

My 2007 WR450 265lbs wet

Stock 2009 WR450 271lbs wet

the before pics







my stock 18" will get a sand tire

-forks have been pulled, seals cleaned, and forks bled

-new reed bar

-bark busters

-06 YZ header

-06 pipe shortened to 08 pipe size

-Pro billet spark arrestor

-Odi grips

-gray wire cut

-YZ throttle

-air box mod

-water coolant reservoir pulled

-computer box relocated to battery location

-pulling stock speedo installed trail tech ednrurance

-new chain new sprockets

-19 wheel and new tires

-hour meter installed with same hours as the bike

-pulled kickstand

-rerouted coolant overflow

-new filter

--gray wire cut

-YZ throttle

-water coolant reservoir pulled

-19 wheel and new tires

-pulled kickstand

why not just get a YZ?

why not just get a YZ?

:thumbsup: maybe....

WR gear box


more powerfull electrical system

more fly wheel weight

but I don't understand why he moved the CDI.

we all have our reasons for why we do things, I had a YZ before and in CA that's gay! WR is like a YZ with benefits :thumbsup: Took me 6 months to sell mine for a really low price. CDI= YZ fender and better center of gravity :worthy:

You still have electric start and battery?

You still have electric start and battery?

yup, one of the reasons why i got the WR

It looks pretty sweet to me! Nice work.

when i compress the front forks while standing on the bike it squeeks, anyone have an idea why this might be? i just bled my front forks and refilled them with new fork oil

I have an 07 WR450 too with the same squeak! Most the time I notice it is when I am on the brakes. I've tried to hunt it down with no luck! It's very annoying but I have noticed some Hondas with the same squeal so who knows. If you find it please post your findings!

if i have a squeak i just wd-40 anything that moves till the sound goes away then you know what it was and can properly lube it .

sure its not just shock linkage in the back sounding like its the front .

try it with the brakes off .

Yup I just thought same thing thats usually from your rear shock spring.

i just bled my front forks and refilled them with new fork oil

How do you do that?

I had a leaky fork seal a few weeks ago and lost a bit of oil. If I could refill that would be great.

Did you pull the fork apart?

do the newer WRs come with a Ti shock spring like the YZs do?

do the newer WRs come with a Ti shock spring like the YZs do?

my 07 came with a steel spring before I replaced with a titanium one

Have you gotten it dirty yet?

havent ridden the bike yet :thumbsup: just came from camp where you not allowed to ride, but the squeek comes from the front left fork i think i didnt use the brakes when bouncing on it, i just bounce on the pegs and it squeeks from that area, i cant possibly see what it might be? new oil and plenty of it? maybe since that fork was really low on fluid it will maybe go away in a few rides?

and i had to pull the works to bleed them, just follow the manual, its pretty simple actually

When I put new fork springs in they squeeked like a bastard on initial feel. But after one ride they were silent again.

how much louder is the 06 muffler after being shortened?

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