YZ426 radiator expansion tank

I use to own a WR400 and used it for trail riding, having moved to the USA 2 years ago (Austin, Texas) I want to restart. I just purchased a YZ426, probably not the best bike for trail riding, but the price was right! Anyway, my WR400 had a radiator overflow/expansion tank that use to fill up on hot days and long trails. I notice that the YZ does not have one and was wondering wether it would be a smart move to fit one? I did a search but didn't find anything, so just wondering what you think and if it's a good idea where can I get one? Obviously the WR tank will not fit as the subframe and side panels are a different shape.

Many thanks


I slaped on a WR tank on my 03 450, no problems.

I guess I will have to look again, I remember that the rear left panel on my WR had much more of a bend in it to go around the expansion tank!! As I get older my memory gets worse!! I will look for a WR tank on evilBay and try fitting it.

Thanks Gary

I fit a WR tank on my 05 YZ450, Had to fab 1 bracket for it to mount up to the sub frame. install a threaded insert into the sub frame and cut small piece of the fender, looks factory though. the other option is the Turkry baster mod. you use a turkey baster and some plugs and fitiing on the baster and mount it either in front or behind the radiator depending on where it will fit. There are some good posts on that mod on this site with pics. Do a web search for "turkey baster mod" and it should come up to the TT website.

Many thanks!! With that mod I should be able to ride and eat when I finish, although turkey isn't my favorite meat!! I will take a look, but the WR tank sounds like a good idea.

Here is how I did it:


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