i BROKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trying to liven things up a bit over here.

Hey guys, i finnally broke my bike, 6000ks of torture and now i cant get any gears, havn't checked it out yet, motor runs fine and i can almost get 5th (wich i was shifting into when it happened) thought i snapped the chain, any ideas?? aaahhgg, i'll figure it out.

I might add i've pulled the side cover and all looks well in there, so tomorrow i'm into the cases.

Happy hunting (me)


Results are on the yz side under the same name.

Hopefully its the shifting drum and that is located on the outer case. I think those have a drum with 5 pins and a double hook type of pawl that allows for shifting up and down. If you are losing access to a gear without turning your gearbox into the bassamatic grinder I would hope for a bent or broke in place piece of shifting linkage.

Best of luck and post the results when you find the cause.

Its on the yz side but i'll put the results here aswell, i got the case open and the 3rd pinion gear is broke and shift fork 2 is broken as a result, still an easy job, the motor is in excellent condition, i am goin to give it a mild freshen anyway and fit the 450 ex cam, the only problems with it were the broken bits and the ring gaps were all lined up so just goes to prove, keep up the maintenance and dont slam gears and this tough machine will do 20,000 ks without a teardown.

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