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DRZ SM Jetting Finally Solved: THANK YOU

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The sole purpose of this thred is to thank:

Eddie 👍

William1 :worthy:

and countless others:ride:

Final Jet settings on my sm: CV Carb

temp: 32 to 80 dg

ele: sl

JD kit



needle: 4th clip

kintech fuel screw 2.8-3 turns out

3x3 done, stock air filter

yoshi RS-3 full system

It took me a lot longer to do but the fact that I was convinced that the answers were on the forum paid off.

A message to anyone that cares the fuel screw test(pilot test) was most important to my situation.

I had a surging at 1/8-1/4 throttle at steady mid to high rpm. like the needle was resonating and moving around on it's own. what has taken it away was to turn out .25 turns on the screw. now smooth like i was convinced when a previous poster asked eddie

"is jetting a drz that finicky?"

the reply "no it's not"

My favorite reply ever, and made me stick with the jetting. as my french Canadian brothers would say, "the bike now she pull like the hard-on, eh"



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