wr running rough in top gear only?

hey guys new to the wr scene and loving it!

only picked my bike up last week and have done 150 miles already.

problem only started after i refueled the bike two nights ago.

the bike has started to cutout in top gear , seems very strange as i can pull from low down in fourth all the way to limiter no probs but as soon as i change in to top it starts hesitating and pulsing no matter what throttle position im in .

i have fitted a new plug and air filter and made no difference.

any help or ideas would be much appreciated.cheers

Pull the carb, remove the hot start, fuel needle (complete with tiny spring, washer and o-ring), jets and fuel bowl, and clean everything with carb cleaner and compressed air. Make sure your jets are completely unblocked. Prior to putting it back together, consult the jetting database for a good benchmark for the proper jetting based on your alititude and temperature. If you need to alter the jetting, now's the time to do it. With the bike being new, I've seen it many times where a tiny piece of metal, plastec, etc. from the assembly process can plug up a passegeway or jet. Provided your running good gas, this should solve your problem. If it doesn't, let us know...SC

sorry mate my bike is a 2000 model with 1500miles .

cleaned carb still no better

just cant understand why in top gear and not fourth:confused:

clark glad to see your back in good health. Could he have a bad 5th gear. Cause why would it not do it in all gears if it was other things

IS it just at a steady throttle position/cruising or under load as well?

Just trying to rule out TPS... but I don't know if that even applies on a 2000 model.

I would also rule out a vaccum leak maybe... how did the plug look?

was out on bike tonight and done 20 miles trouble free without going in to top gear , so it looks like a gearbox issue. nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!:thumbsup:

Are you running it on the road, or the dirt? Has the temperature dropped in recent days? What was the bike used for by the first owner?...SC

no changes in climate etc.

bike has always been used on the road.

how many hours labour do yous think it will cost to fix?

i had 5th gear break in half on my 01 426, i took the engine out and gave it to a mechanic, he changed 4th and 5th gear, 2 gear selectors, cam chain and a new set of piston rings for just under 600 euro.

dodgy gear doesnt explain it....

maybe a fault neutral switch???

it because of load?

try short shifting into 4th and pull from real low......interesting!

i doubt 5 th gear it self is the problem, must be electrical.:thumbsup:

Thats kinda what I am thinking... you have described the motor cutting out and it does not make sense that you have a "bad 5th gear" in your transmission... :thumbsup:

unless 5th is missaligned or something and binding up . to check if load is killing it , go up a hill in 4th .

i have had vehicles shut off turning left , weirder things have happened . that one was a ground cable problem .

the more i use the bike the more it feels like the gearbox jamming slightly rather than it cutting out .

it pulls 100% in 4th all day no issues

as soon as i change in to 5th regardless of throttle position or load it starts playing up.

how can it be electrical if only in 5th?

thats what i think i said before. if it was carb related it would happen in other gears. either a bog, dead spot hestitation. same thing with electrical.

bad 5th gear i believe

It's a tough one to say, but i think 4th and 5th gear are on the same shaft so you should have problems in 4th as well if it was miss aligned, sounds to be like a electrical problem

I'm exp. same problem on my 06 lately,bog at top of 4th and mid and top of 5th, This started when i accidently left the choke on last weekend, yesterday cleaned the plug up and road great for a while, but when I play'n in some water, it started back up again, going to buy some new plugs and try agian? I've moved the head breather hose up in the air box, and still need to tee off my vent hose at the carb, but I never had this problem before play'n in some water, hopefully it is the plug?? but again I think my problem seems more electrical than the carb or maybe I'm runnin too rich??:banghead:

Try the new plug, also, drain the carb float bowl.

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