All About Oil...thread ,what ,how..etc

Hi i read the manual but i still need to be hold by the hand...

-is mobil 1 ok , i read some where that u shouldnt put full syntethic oil in the

clutch department ....are the engine and clutch departments separated ???

-there is the skinny dip stick hole under the steering ,do u poor oil from that

port allso or just from the "fatter cork" under the cylinder..?

-the draining is the front and under neat at the back...that i know

-filter change is probably just the same as drz400..prosedure...:thumbsup:

Oil is drained from the crankcase AND the frame, then refilled at the crankcase using the fill plug on the ignition cover. The engine must be run to move the oil from the crankcase to the oil tank in the frame. Then the dipstick can be removed.

The engine and trans share the same oil, which is why a really good oil is so important. Synthetic oils WILL NOT hurt your clutch, but some automotive oils labeled API ECII MIGHT, so avoid those. Mobil 1 should be fine, but check the label.

Required reading:

Thanks Gray u are the man ! :thumbsup:

yes he is......:thumbsup:

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