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Street legal 426!

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Hey there everyone. I am currently waiting on ALL of my parts to arrive to achieve this desire of mine. To be able to cruise and wreak havoc on the roads of my beloved (not so beloved) state of Utah. The parts I have ordered are, A new stator from an o1' WR426, Cyclops headlights a universal light control switch. trailtech tachometer. My main worry is if the wr stator is gonna accept all my wires. I have heard skepticism about the ground wires and a few other things not lining up and having to do some custom wiring work... I'm looking for a route that is somewhat simple. I am holding off on buying DOT tires and blinkers until im sure that everything else is going to work. right now im on some down time... The other day I was out and a doe felt like darting across this rivine as i was flying through it. and It got a steel bullet AkA My YZ to its stomache.. It :worthy: me up. And my radiators/... so i am in a scramble for my new fluidyne rads to arrive tomorrow in time for labor day weekend up here. If anyone has some ideas for me i would appreciate it. and in the meantime. Everyone enjoy your week/end/ labor day :busted:👍

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