YZ450 Gearing?

I ride mostly on open roads where I can easily reach 55mph. What gearing should I use. I dont want to loose the wheelie factor with too low gearing. What is the stock gearing from the factory? Bike is a 2008 yz450

14 / 49 or 14/ 50 is good for open roads.

you can hit 75 mph easy.

1st gear isn't too tall in technical.

13/49 is stock i think, it will go 67 mph

13/49 is stock, but with that gearing, if the tire doesn't slip at all (which won't happen, of course) the bike will clear 87 mph at 10,500 RPM in 5th. 55mph would run the engine up to about 6600.

Subtract 10 mph for wheel spin as an average.

We just had a race here that incorporated a paved airstrip that was about a 1/3 mile long so I went 14/48 on my '08.

They had a radar gun with a display about 2/3 of the way down and I was getting 86-87 most of the time but hit 88mph once. Continued to pick up speed after the radar gun though...but not much, if I had to guess I would say I was getting 91-92mph by the time I had to get on the brakes.

Roached my brand new Maxxis SI by the way...

Yeah, the Elsinore GP (the real one, not the thing they did last year) was pretty tough on a rear tire, too. Too bad we never had radar there.

I tried a 13/50 combination once on my YZ, went back to the 13/49; I think it works best.

hey grayracer, ever done the Soboba Invitational? Thanks for the jetting tips also.

No, I'm not really into the triple black diamond, nearly impossible stuff that Malcom thinks is fun.

Sorry to hi-jack the thread but how do the 4 speed YZ450F's compare to the 5 speeds in regards to the top speed with stock gearing? I have an 05 and I figured it was good for at least 75-80mph...?


Thanks for the info. Ill stick with the 13-49 setup.

Does anybody know how different (top speed / acceleration) a WR450 running 13/49 would be to a YZ450 with the same gearing?

Thanks, Lennie.

A WR 5th gear is 13% higher than that of a YZ, and it has less power. It could reach 95 mph if it can pull that.

Cool, im considering a YZ450 to replace my current WR450. I have my bike geared 13/50 and it pulls 88mph in top on the limiter. Looks like if i geared a YZ to 14/50 it would be pretty similar to a WR apart from a higher bottom gear. I dont really use first where i ride so it would be probably be quite good for me.

Has anybody ever tried this setup? Any good for fast trail riding?


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