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Any threads on clutch return lever seal replacement? (on motor)

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I searched around and could not find any.

I am talking about the seal on the motor just in front of and above the counter shaft where the clutch lever atatches to the shaft going into the case. leaking oil

Looks like I have to remove the starter to get to the screw holding the seal cover in place. Don't know where to start...

What parts I will need etc.

Any help would be appreciated. Seems like there is a thread for just about everythng here.

Just replaced countershaft seal& fix thanks to TT. Sucess:applause:

I also ordered the Clymer manual.

Thanks again-

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I never done one except during a rebuild but this is what I'd do if I were you.

Disconnect battery

Remove carb

Remove starter motor (two bolts and the wire, it should simply pull out of the housing)

Remove clutch actuation arm

Remove retaining screw and plate

Now is where I cannot be positive...

If... you can work a small screwdriver in and pop the seal out or carefully put a couple of small sheet metal screwts into the seal (very carefully, just enough to get a 'bite') and pull. Then simply press a replacement in and re-assemble. If not....

Re-install actuation arm tightly

Remove the clutch cover (small derby, not the complete side cover)

Remove the clutch pressure plate

Remove the push rod end and the push rod (may have to use a magnet ot tilt the bike).

Using a pry bar, lift the clutch actuation arm. This will pull the upper needle bearing and the pop the seal out.

Inspect the bearing for any damage that may of occured during the process. When I did it, the bearing was fine, but I replaced it anyways.

Replace the seal

Re-assemble everything in reverse.

Carefully use a pry

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