Power Now up to $90???

I've been wanting to get one of the Power Now intake bells for several months, but just haven't gotten around to it until now. I went to the website (worldpowerracing.com) to order, and then discovered that they've gone up in price from $70 to $90. What's up with that? I guess they think the review they got from Dirt Rider warranted a 30% price increase. I don't think so.


Come on, part with some of that money. Of course the Power Now parts are worth more, BECAUSE they were in Dirt Rider. That is always true. :)

i think that extra $20 goes to the dirt rider product enhancement fund . :)


i saw that too.. i got one when they were $70... if you want, email me and i can talk to you about making you one for much less...

j :)

How do you guys like the Power Now?. I was thinking of slamming one on the beast, but would like to hear some input on the performance gains, if any.

Wow! :D Look at me. :D Just turned BRONZE. :) I'll be signing autographs between 6 & 7 Pm. Please form a straight line.

Thank You


i like it alot.. the one i bought was for my friend's bike, and it made a very noticeable difference... so much so that i made copies of it for myself and sold a couple to others. (now, i don't do anything like that unless it is worth it or works... i am WAY too underachieving, or lazy, depends on your point of view...lol) :)

Do you have drawings? I'm an engineer so I hate spending money.


lol. you engineers.. no, i made a template to make the plate, then you have to groove the inside of your plastic carb intake bell and slot the lip to lock it in.. really simple...

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