WR400f (L) (p) What does this mean?

I just bought a 2002 wr400FL I was wondering what does the (L) stand for and ive seen other models also like (D) what are the difs? Thanx for any info.

Hmm- they didn't make the 400 in 02 (USA - see you're from Oregon)), they made the 426....the 400 was made from 98 to 00.

Here's what the L stands for - 99 - being the year of your bike - Yamaha designates each model year differently - Eg:

98 = K

99 = L

00 = M

01 = N

This holds true for the entire line of Yamaha Bikes.

T = 2005


T = 05 yes - because they skipped O and Q due to looking too similar.

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