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A Week on the road in Utah and Colorado

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So, after much planning, or maybe not so much, 2 buddies and I all took off on an 8 day long Adventure of riding and good tmes.

Friday morning we load up the RV and head for Montecello Utah, and even avoid a couple hitchikers on the way


I slept most of the way up due to working the night before, but we pulled into the race course, after missing it, and having to double back about 5 miles. and set everything up, just in time for Gregg to join us on his Triumph sport bike.


Had some AMAZING weather friday night.


Along with some awesome pork chops, courtesy of chef Bob.


Saturday Morning, was slow getting started, with taking care of race entry, and prerun details, final checks on the bikes and getting everything ready for a great race with some truly epic conditions.

The prerun was a muddy mess. thats putting it lightly. the video shows it better than I can describe, but there was mud and slop several inches deep over a lot of the course!

part 1

part 2

Sat. afternoon was spent doing the final cleaning and prepping of the bikes for the race, getting numbers setup right, cleaning mud off, some games of washers and more food courtesy of chef bob, this time wearing his heart on his chest. literally.


Sunday was race day, Carl, Gregg and I were in the first race. I started in the front row due to my age, and Carl and Gregg several lines back. he beat me, not suprising on my ancient bike, but I did pretty good, and only fell in the mud once.

IMG_4631.jpg. of 70 riders, Gregg got 25th, Carl got 27th, and I got 40th on the overweight underpowered pig. So I'm pretty happy.

Sunday afternoon we loaded everything up, and headed up onto the mountain behind the race course


did some play riding, and relaxing in a nice clearing, asside from a nasty mire next to us that produced some mosquito's later. even though we helped with disturbing it some


Some great views and lakes nearby to check out




and Rocks to pose for photo's


and we started the trip slogan"Bob Fall Down" in your best retard voice


Then Monday morning after a light breakfast a ride through the jungle so to speak.





The trail followed this very green creekbed for quite a ways, before coming out into some scrub bushes, and smaller plants



Stopped in a clearing by a creek for a break


and some goofing off, me posing for captn morgan


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some log crossing



Then Carl and I went through a ravine, and up some slickrock to the trail back to camp, only to find out BOB FALL DOWN in the water this time.



After some serious time spent patching bob's bike back together from some mild water ingestion, we headed back the way we came, instead of the long way around.

into the dense green


and up a rocky ledge, that I decided to ride just like Tom Shell


Look Ma no feet!!!!

Thunk, heavy oil cooled honda's make funny sounds when they crunch into some solid rock.


at least I wasn't the only one with trouble from this rock ledge. Carl too had issues, including his poor riding pants


We made it back to camp, in time for me to enjoy a few ice cold corona's, and enjoy a beautiful afternoon.


Tuesday morning, we pack up and head for Moab. Spent the day traveling, and then relaxing by the pool, and doing some much needed laundry. lets just say all of us had some socks with a case of the FUNK.

and time in the pool, and riding the fun bike!


Then went into town to get a good local brew at the brewery, and some great Spinach Artichoke Dip.

So Wed. we rode Hells revenge, and Fins N' Things, but not too many photo's. I'll get the video done eventually, I've been slacking off on that stuff for a bit.

Hells Revenge overlook of colorado river.


Carl on potatoe salad hill.


and between Hells Revenge and Fins N' Things in the parking lot


Thursday we hit up Kane Creek



was a nice 50 mile rainbow ride if you ask me, or Brett.



and bob did this, but it took 2 try's, cause BOB FALL DOWN


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Came out of Kane Creek and stopped for a soda and snack at the Hole in the Rock


with an Awesome looking old Jeep made of liscence plates and scrap.



Then back to camp for dinner, and swimming, and loading up.

Left for 5 miles of Hell near Green river.

5 Miles of Hell is in the middle of nothing.


asside from a mountain in the distance that looks amazing like a boob. with the appropriate colors


Slept out under the stars, although Bob looked a little unsure it was time to get up when the sun came up


After a some breakfast, we head for


the name truley does fit. It kicked all our butts, and is much more the turf or a trials bike than an old XR600, or any other full size dirtbike for that matter. We did 2.5 miles of it, and bailed out, as Bob's bike overheated badly, I was out of water, drank all 100 oz of it, and my knee was in bad shape.



got back to the RV, and promptly, I was down


So we packed up after some lunch, and headed for Oorae Colorado.

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Now is where it got really beautiful. I only wished I could have rode another day or 2 here and really enjoyed it.



with a nice hottub, and great pancake breakfast.

then over to Teluride for lunch. Over Hurricane Pass


the entire ride up was breathtaking




found our first snow of the day, In August!!


and some mountain pastures


with some furry critters



and amazing blue water


then over the pass


and down the switchbacks, till you guessed it BOB FALL DOWN


So after dragging Bob's bike back onto the trail, even though I am hobbling due to a still unknown knee injury, we get it back up with some teamwork. and down the mountaint to the hwy. we then head a few miles down the road, and over Black Bear pass to Teluride.



Get up close and personal with a snow drift



and then Bob Runs out of gas on the way down the hill to Telluride, and I break my throttle tube. after some redneck engineering, I get it rideable, even if I am not sure how long it will last, and it sticks/is hard to turn ect.

where this old man has an Unbeliveable house over a waterfall looking out over the valley.



through the streets of Teluride to a great brewery calld the smuggler


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then late in the afternoon up over Imogene pass back to Oorae.


Pass an XR650R with no rear rim, someone seems to have had some trouble on the trail


Then Carl gets a flat rear in Tomboy from a rather large nail


Hit the top of Imogene pass at an elevation of 13114 feet



its cold up here in the whipping wind, and run into another pair of big bore honda's, an XR650R, and a 650L both going the other way. Had a smoke with them, and then down hill to camp.


And we finally head home Via Durango on Saturday.


checked out the railway museum, and off we went


Finally getting back to phoenix a bit before 10pm.

Was a great trip, and I'll get all the video up on here sooner or later, but till then the pics will do. and I'm sure the other Jokers will have there input as well.

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Very cool shot of the lighting!! You guys road in some of the best places on earth!! Five Miles, Telluride etc.. sounds like a heck of a trip!!! Next time call me!!

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Great ride, Ken.. i just saw it today, since i've been out of circulation myself for a bit. Looks like you got some great trails, some danger, excitement, homophobia, everything you expect from a ride like that! 👍

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