Is Mobil 5w-50 Ok For The Clutch

hello again ,i know many dirt riders are using mobil-1

ower here in their bikes and thats the one i went and bought..

ower here its 30c. and wery humid...(thailand)

but i coud not find the 15w-50 mobil or 20w-50

all i found vas the v-twin 5w-50...

so since the clutch and engine department are charing the same oil is that

viscosity good for my yz450f (yeah i read pretty mutch of oil info on the net. but i am still no expert and i need confirmation about this)

-allso i bought some oem oil filters for rip off prise , but i found an exactly the same size of a filter in one scooter shop the only thing thats different are the rubber rings at the ends of the filter they are 1.5 mm smaller in diameter...

what is your wordikt of using that....:thumbsup:

Mobil 1 V-twin is one of the best oil choices available.

ACTUALLY it isnt mistake

its 5w-50 supersyn (WITH ANTIWEAR TECHNOLOGY)

golden collored cap and sticker

meets API SM/CF ,ACEA A3/B3 & A3/B4 and MB -APPROVAL 229;1...ETC.


i bet i cant go too wrong with that but better safe than sorry....:thumbsup:

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