Sell Your WR's

Just rode my 03 525 today. There is no amount of money you could spend on a WR to get it to handle like a KTM 4-stroke. KTM is every thing they said it would be and more.

Boy, I'm glad I took the time to read your post. The information was priceless. I always thought it was 10% bike and 90% balls, but I could be wrong. Thanks for the advise on the WR's and good luck with the KTM.

The next time you eat a roost of boulders, it was probably blue. :)

Arent you the one that had the old wr400?, when you can pass me i'll buy one :):D

untill then, go put some scratches on it sunny.


Guys relax.All I know is it much easier to ride my ktm than wr. So since the bike is taking care of it self(thats what it feels like)I can concentrate on being a better rider.

No offence taken, i have access to an 02 520 whenever i want, so needless to say i've spent some time on it, they just dont suit my style and thats fine, if that bike suits you thats great, my bike suits me, see were both happy :):D

Well said Blue Beast!

The older I get the faster I was...

I was the fastest on my 1981 CR250. I was also 18. Those were the days...

Last race, I passed a couple in tight woods on my KX500.

Aren't they pushing 260 pounds?

Since the WR is so much worse than your new KTM do you really think it is worth as much as your asking for it??? :)

When you take it out and play with it, your KTM that is, make sure your fanny pack is full of tools, you'll probably need them.

And how much are those 3 oil filters? and the full synthetic oil, oh that right almost 90.00 Doh!

You're comparing your KTM against a 00 WR400. I would take the KTM over that old 400 anyday. However, I absolutely love my 02 WR426 and you couldn't get me to leave it for KTM. I'd be interested to see what your opinion is after putting some time in on the new WR450. Besides, pumpkin orange is hideous! (No offense) :)

Anyone ever noticed how the font mud guard on a KTM looks like a dick! And they say boys toys aren't just an exetension - haha.

Thanks TJ im gunna use that one on some of my mates. :):D get that orange dildo outa my way. :D :D





HeHeHe :)

Rainman WFO :D

Kill The Manufacturers. :)

Kan't Take Much :)

Keep The Manual

KTMs are cool bikes,no doubt. But, most people are going to spend a bunch of extra money getting the suspension dialed in. Then, because of the lightweight drivetrain, if you want to reliably dual-sport one,your going to spend a bunch more getting a cush drive hub.

To me,the $1000 bucks more you spend up front,plus the $1000 in upgrades,just does not make sense. If money were no object,then yes,a KTM would be cool. Money is, so I'm not.

One thing you can count on with Yamaha. Their bikes are dialed in from the factory. Thats why I had no hesitation putting my deposit down on the 450. You just know it's going to be good.

i would trade my wr for a KTM any day. i have access to a 400exc anytime and i like it. and after all of the problems i have had with yamaha. i will not ever buy another yamaha. i now need a new cylinder and piston and possibly a head. a valve fell out and the piston stuck the valve into the cylinder. i like my WR but have to put enough money into it i could have bought another used one.

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