Sell Your WR's

Who had the head appart last??

slashman , sorry to hear your motor broke. Your lucky it's not a KTM. If it were, you'd be talking twice as much money to fix it. If you don't believe me, ask the orange team how much a piston is.


The lack of avalibility of KTM parts and there cost is a mith! Some parts may cost more but some cost less! I've never had ANYTHING go wrong on my 450 that wasn't caused by me. I order all my stuff on line and will have them within 3-5 days. My sons TTR 90 graphic's kit (stock) cost $90 - that is tank and side panel and front # plate. A KTM graphic's kit for my KTM would be way less than that. All things being equal, KTM has very high end parts that come stock on the bike. It's funny, most the guys that bash other bike Co. seem to be clueless about those brands - it seems they heard something from someone about that other brand and they spew it on these posts and some people believe them. Ive seen toooo many post from guys saying they would love to own a KTM but they will not buy one because they break down or you can't get the parts. KTM probably does more for our sport than all the Jap Man. put together!

Ride On

Want a bike that will last forever, come listen to my 600, runs like new and never left me stranded. I want to see how those KTMs hold up after 10 years and 15,000 off road miles. Then again, I wouldn't dream of taking my pig on an MX track :)

Yea, the down side is that you had to ride that beast for 15000 miles. :)

Funny you should talk about a XR600 on a MX track. A buddy of mine had one and we went riding and came across a little track. I went out and played a little on my WR and he just sat there. He said the ole 600 couldn't take a MX track so we traded. In order to prove him wrong I got in front of him and hit a little double. The dang thing bottomed out HARD, dropped the kick stand, and about bounced me over the bars! After I got control I pulled to the side and let my friend ride my bike. He never said a word, he just laughed and laughed.


dp400 ,

so, how much is a piston for one of those RFS KTMs???

How many jap bikes made it in to the top 10 so far in the Dakar Ralley. I will help you out zero. If KTMs were so unreliable they would not ride them 5000 miles across Africa.

How about those supercross results, arent ktm's better everywhere?? Sorry Tod your standing alone with a post like this over here to begin with (No offence) :)


I have no idea how much a piston is but you sure seem to! Like I said some will be more and some will be less! I put a 450 kit in my 400 and the total cost was $600. That is PISTON, CYLINDER,GASKIT KIT,AND INSTALLATION (TEAR DOWN AND REBUILD). That is with all KTM parts. SOOOOO how much LESSSS would the same job be on a WR 400?????? Like I said before - those who don't know what there talking about are always the ones to spout off!? :)

Who gives a rats a$$ what it costs, sounds like a 4 yr olds argument, so hows a bout we let it rest eh??


You the man :)

Blue Beast!

Thats it man. Whats with their bitching.....

Everyones just biting the heads of one another.

Sure KTM rocks with their parts and sweet stuff.

So do yamies in their own way. We can customise it with our own stuff as we like....

You ain't gonna pay for each other bikes let alone the spare parts so???

Let it all go...

I say Tomato, you say Potato..

You wanna ride Orange, Go ahead!

You wanna ride Red, Go ahead!

You wanna ride Blue, Go ahead!

What the heck?

(Anyway, i happen to do a lot of bitching myself but this is way out of hand!!)

Lets just ride on.....


I'll say the only reason I have not ridden a KTM is cause the local KTM shop I'm not impressed with. The main reason I'm on Yamaha's is cause the Yamaha shop here is so good to me. Lots of good bikes out there of all colors, choose what fits ya, with good support, and go have fun.

You boys call this bitchin? This is just a good ol ping pong match. :)

Ride on


ping....... :)

pong....... :D

ping....... :D

pong....... :D

ping....... :D

pong....... :D


Cmon guys we all know that we do our best to mess with each other, but when it really counts we all stand togather in this dirt bike brotherhood we have. I in fact love coming to this side just to see if I can get a raise out of the Blue guys and BBW usally has something good to say back(just like we were biological brothers) and I love it.

point is say and have fun but if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen.

One last thing before I go. I found out why the WR450s have not been delivered yet. It is because KTM can't make the parts fast enough to paint them blue and put them togather with Yamaslug stickers.


:):D :D :D :D :D :D :D

dp400, I really have no idea what a piston costs for a KTM. I don't know what a piston for a WR costs. I was just stirring the pot. :) Seemed like a good idea. :D LOL

PUMPKIN PIE, you are a trouble maker.

RFS= Really For Sissies :):D :D :D :D

Pumpy, did you see the post the other day stating that your front fender looks like a dick?? i told my mate with one of those chain saws the other day that he was riding an orange dildo and he looked all confused, i almost had to explain it, he was pi$$ed though. hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe :):D

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