Directions to Ranger Station at Stonyford?

Hi everyone,

I am going to Stonyford tomorrow meeting a couple thumpertalkers at the ranger station. Dohhh ! Anyone know the address or have directions?



Hey Fryboy - :)

Take HWY 505 North to I-5 and continue North.

Take the Maxwell Exit (also signs to East Park Reservoir)and go back over freeway to West.

Continue straight on that road into the hills and keep going. You will go over the big ridge and will eventually come to East Park Reservoir. Stay on the road and take the right turn at Lodoga (Blink and you'll miss it) heading up the small hill and continue to the town of Stonyford. Once in Stonyford turn left at the stopsign and go 1/8 mile and the Ranger Station will be on your left. Its the biggest thing in town, so you can't miss it. Basically it takes 30-45 minutes(depending on what you are driving)once you leave I-5 to get to Stonyford.

Have a great time and bring your raingear just in case. It will probably be very wet. :D

Hey what other TT Members are in the area ???

Would be great to know whos local. We go to Stonyford all the time and know it intimately. I help put on the WFO Enduro up there every year with Valley Climbers MC.


Rainman WFO :)

Rainman WFO,

There are a few of us,

Motojason, Mike in Roseville, Cisco, Dp400, The Blue One, and a couple others I haven't had the priveledge of riding with yet. If you would like to join us meet at the Ranger station at 10am sharp ! If not we can hook up soon if you want. We usually ride on Sundays. As many as possible that is.

Thanks for info!


Hey, I'll be up there from the first thru the 5th. Not trying to be a jerk but to clarify on the directions, when you head west from Maxwell you hit a "T" intersection. turn right. then follow the directions as posted through Lodoga and to Stonyford. After you make the left at the stop sign in Stonyford the second street on the left is M-10. Again, as previously posted, turn left. However, the ranger station is on the right.

Anyhows that was a great enduro this year guys and perfect weather as I recall. I was the guy up in Old Mill with the trailer.

Seeya, Tom Maguire

Tom14911 -

Thanks for the info. The first Right Turn after Maxwell you are refering to is really just a hard right turn as you are heading in. No stop sign or anything and if you accidentally turn left there, the road ends just past the houses a little way. Enough of this though.....

We'll have to hook up sometime up there. We are always looking for new club members for VCMC. Thanks for the attaboy on the enduro !! It was rainy the first hour or so of the event, but if you had the balls to start you were treated to near perfect conditions for the end of the first loop and the entire second loop. Give me a description of your rig and if I can get up there over the New Years Holidays, I'll be sure to stop by. I assume you stay at Davis Flat ??


Rainman WFO :)

I snake bit my tire on the second loop on Potato Hill and rode on my rim all the way back to Davis Flat.

I have a silver GMC crew cab 4x4 diesel and a 25 foot Rage'n toy hauler. I have all yamahas (5) and I may bring my lone kx. I typically stay in davis flat and plan on it this coming week. I'm always looking for new buds. Lets hook up!


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