ais removal question

i just removed my ais off my 08 wr450 and the bike runs great just riding around the block once.i just put a pro billet insert into stock muffler i need to re jet or just leave it alone.the reason i'm asking is because on a similar thread someone said." you'll want to re jet trust me." i don't want to miss out on a little extra power but i don't want:banghead: either.

What elevation are you riding at?



Exactly 3573? Are you sure, 'cause it's critical to giving you good advice! :thumbsup:

If you don't have any 'stutter' issues and it pulls good through the full range, leave it alone for now. My guess is that it's a little rich, but obviously it's your choice to start messing with it. From what I've found here on TT, it seems like everyone is running rich, but that also has to do with the needles they're running and other mods........

I'm at 5300' with the GYTR-AIS Removal Kit needle set on 2nd from the top, main jet is #152, rest of the carb is OEM. I haven't seen anybody else with that size main on here. Mine pulls HARD through the full range with no stutter.

Exactly 3573? Are you sure, 'cause it's critical to giving you good advice! :thumbsup:

I forgot to mention that my set-up worked well until I went through a bar-ditch crossing the road. I almost got hit by a car while I was re-jetting so I could get to the other side.:worthy:

Exactly 3573? Are you sure, 'cause it's critical to giving you good advice! :thumbsup:

I'm as sure as the Internets advice.i typed in elevation of Roswell new Mexico and it was 3573:p thanks for all the input so motorcycle dealer in albuquerque new Mexico thinks it should be a little rich because the AIs supposedly adds air to the cylinder to make the combustion cleaner.i'm not out to build a race bike i just like to be in a safe area so it's not to rich or to lean.i think it's fine, just making sure with people who know more than me.:worthy:

Yo BB,

I have an '08 and I definitely messed with the jetting. I did the uncorking of the exhaust, airbox snorkle (?) removal, AIS removed, etc. I rejetted mine because it was still getting the pipe glowing which told me it was too lean. However, I'm at sea level and you're at 3500 feet.

I'd go with a visual on the pipe myself, but that's just my take. If it's getting blue to purple when riding, I'd fatten it up a little. If it's fairly brown or not discolored at all, I'd leave it alone.

My $.02.


Yo, B-Bunny you should have made that left turn in albuquerque. ( I love that episode) What do the local aliens use for jetting?

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