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Josh is an awesome guy. I'm never going to forget him passing me during the Cinder Whiplash race and staring me down while we were hauling ass over cinder lake. .... He was on a bike almost half the size of mine too. 👍:worthy:

This is quoted from Destry's website:

"Pretty quiet today-he is saving it up for the long 3 day weekend-hehe. They did sit him up for a longer period of 5 minutes, but still waiting for him to give us a thumbs up. They did a nutrition test on him again today and he is burning 2800 calories just laying in the bed. Which means his body is burning that many calories to fight and heal. Amazing! I feel these are great signs and want to jump up an down with joy when I hear stuff like this. Then the nurses or doctors burst my bubble and say it is a big factor, but they can not tell me more than just that! He is opening his eyes more and more, so the steps are baby steps forward. Believe- "Faith is the Evidence of Hope""

The head trauma is the serious part of his injuries, the broken neck/back is just minor fractures in the vertebra that they believe were caused in a previous crash. Get well soon dude!

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