clutch basket/thrust washer issue

got an 01 y426 with a hinson clutch right now and it has suffered from not disengaging when the clutch is pulled in when the lever is not adjusted perfectly, i thought nothin of it, well i went to install a rekluse pro and it seems the thrust washer has been binding causing the inner hub not to spin freely, the thrust washer behind the inner hub should not contact the basket at all correct? but only the shaft its sitting on? not sure how to correct this besides maching some of the basket down so it does hang past the flat of the shaft, as the flat of the basket where the washer sits hangs just a few thousands of an inch over the flat of the shaft. any tips would be great!


number one is part of the clutch basket of course which is what the spacer is rubbing on and hangs just over number two which is where the spacer should ride against correct? I should be able to just machine the face of number one a few thousands and be good or is there another reason why this isnt working right.

I'm a machinist by trade, and I would assume that there is a clearance issue somewhere in there. The galling on those thrust surfaces isn't good, and I would assume that the bearing is toast also. Another indicator would be that your prior clutch wasn't releasing right, there might be an assembly issue going on inside your cases. I know on previous bikes that I owned, I had to take one of them apart a few times in a row before I found out that a previous owner/wrench had left out a thrust washer and things just didn't fit right when I got to the end of the assembly process. I wouldn't run it until you are absolutely surethat things are working like they are supposed to. It can get expensive.

The outer face of the auxiliary drive gear (1) is supposed to be set back from the shoulder (2) on the main shaft so that the distance between the thrust washer and the mainshaft bearing is longer than the length of the gear itself, so that the gear will have about .010" clearance.

If there is no clearance at the thrust washer when the boss is bolted down, there's an assembly problem. It could be that someone has placed a shim washer behind the clutch basket, between the mainshaft and its bearing, or the incorrect bearing is being used on the main shaft.

The thing is that the drive gear cannot have gotten longer, and the shank the basket runs on can't have gotten shorter.

well ive allready been threw the whole motor and bottom end a while ago so i know its all correct so i just went ahead and just basically faced the edge that has been rubbing with my lathe(just took a few thousands off) and put it back together making sure the thrust washer was centered on that shaft and its good to go with no binding and with the rekluse now installed!

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