Mod 05 compared to stock 06-09

So I keep hearing about how poor it turns and how mellow the 05 YZ450F is compared to the other years.

So here's the question: What would it take to get an 05 to have the same amount if not more power than any of the current model's?

Would a high compression piston alone to it? Or what about a piston exhaust combo?

Also, do you think with the right springs for a given riders weight, a good revalve, and DRD radiator lowering kit, that an 05 could handle as well as one of the new bikes?

I've always wondered how a modified older bike would stack up against a newer stock bike.

I had a completely modded out 05 450. engine was done, pipe, carb mods. I think Engine wise the power was better on this bike then my 08 with a pipe and the carb mods.

I really dont think they are even close to the same. They have come so far with suspension and handle with the alum frame etc. That bike feels like a tank to the newer alum frame bikes. The older motors might seem faster but I bet money on the track the new motors would pull better lap times, 100% more use able power. And really why would you need more power out of a 450??? unless your in the top 10 in the AMA your not gonna need more power.

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