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FIX xr100! Yea!!!!

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Well a while back i got a BBR frame guard to keep the frame from stretching. My dad one day got a little to happy with the wrench while puting it on. Will from that he strip the bolt. So we thot. So we put it up for a little while. And last week we started to fix the thing again. So now we got a new bolt on it. And WOW its no wonder why it took us so long to get that bolt out and nut off. I had to end up drilling the bolt out to get the nut off. Turns out that every thread was grounded off. adn the threads on the nuts were Grounded off too. So the Only thread that was on there were the ones off the tip of the bolt so thats why we could not get the nut off. So now that its off and we fix it. Man that frame guard shure does tie that frame up now that its on proper!. Bike fells so strong now!. So i happy!👍:worthy::busted: I will post pics of the bolt up soon.

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