GPR stabilizer and stock top clamp

Got a question. Just received my GPR stabilizer the other day. for cost reasons, i opted to use the stock upper triple clamp with a set of Tag x5's. Anyway, in the instructions, they say that for the WR you have to grind the backside of the triple clamp until you can move the steering head lock to lock. Fine, did that, the right side is perfect, can see daylight between the clamp and pin. The left side is another thing. I am getting concerned over the amount of material that i am having to remove to get the pin to clear the clamp. Anyone else experience this ???

Just keep grinding. It takes a while, the only material you should be removing is just part of the odometer holder anyway. I hope you love your GPR as much as I love mine :)

Yeah, it does take a while, I guess i just got nervous with the amount of material that i had to remove and i really dont like putting a side grinder that close to my bike.

Another question, the GPR unit is great, better than i expected for the price i paid. How often should i have the unit serviced? Once a year, every other year? Will performance degrade and kinda tell me when i need to send it back to Ron????

I'm not sure about servicing the GPR. I have only had mine 3 months. I would check with GPR and see what they recommend.

Who has the best price on a GPR? Straight from GPR?

GPR is the cheapest and they give Thumper Talk members a discount. Great customer service as well.

Thanks for the sources. It looks like (without the TT discount) is $30.00 cheaper on a kit then straight for GPR..........that’s odd.

i just checked.. the DH1 is $475 at GPR and $495 at steering stab. ..


I must be looking at the wrong kit.

Steeringstabilizer Shows:

Stabilizer Kit complete (with DH1 bar clamp) $320.00

GPR Shows

SK2001 Stabilizer Kit, bar and post mount $350.00

Would these work with my stock top clamp?

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