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Am I crazy??? Jumping the XR250L

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Wow, the little XR250L is a capable jumper. Now I don't usually partake in such activities. But I found a table top with an 8 foot hill. So I hit it at a moderate speed, and low and behold, I was air born. Only a few feet up and about 15 long. But I was surprised at the smooth landing. I did not think the bike had that good a suspension. I never really temped jumping like that with my DRZ, I'm sure it was capable, but it was a tad heavy. I am thinking to myself, good grief man, your 53 years old. All my other dual sports were big and heavy, including a XR650L, and I never really experienced what it was like. I think I did about 20 jumps. Fun times for sure. 👍

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