Carb Setup ?

I have a 00 XR650R, w/ the uncorking stuff installed. It has a 175 main jet, a 68 pilot, and I believe the stock needle in the 2nd clip position, and a uni air filter (the old kind that uses the backfire screen for support). It runs great but when I fall or stall it in corner its a pain to start, takes about 5 minutes. Though I love the power, sometimes I do not want to ride it, I would rather take my 01 cr250 if we are going to get crazy in the dunes. When these bikes came out the mags said they were much easier to start even after a fall than the 600s, my 95 xr 600 seems the same, a pain to start after a fall. Is my carb setup wrong, I have heard of a 68s pilot, is that different than the 68 I have. Do I need another needle? Is the backfire screen reducing performance vrs. the new uni's that have a built in support? Maybe it's just me. Any tips are greatly appreciated.


I have the same jetting, but I believe the clip was set on the 3rd ring down (whatever the instructions said). If mine tips over then I have to kick the crap out of it also. It is common to flood it if you tip it over. From what I understand there are 2 solutions - don't tip it over or get the Edelbrock pumper for $400. Do you go to Ocotillo to ride? I go out there with some guys from Vista and Poway quite a lot. Cheers

You can try adjusting your 'Maximum Float Drop' a few mm's less than where it is now and that will help out. Make note that this is different than adjusting the Minimum Float Drop, which is discussed in the service manual. Honda could have done a better job in this area and your symptoms are common among XR650R riders. Most people learn to live with it by following some sort of starting routine. Thumpdaddy650 mentioned the Edelbrock pumper carb and it works very well. It has an internal fuel cell that solves the flooding problem (no more flooding) and the accelerator pump offers significantly improved throttle response at lower to mid RPM's.


I ride in Octollio and I moved to Oceanside recently, may be we can go ridin sometime.

Needle clip should be in fouth position! :D

After a spill;

1. pull in compression release, hold the kill switch, hold throttle wide open

2. kick 5 to 8 times (or untill your hear a pop, if sooner)

3. let go of compression release, switch and throttle

find TDC (the sweet spot) starts on first kick! :)

well at least someone answered the question correctly !!! thank you ! .. I can't believe anyone was riding the bike with the power up kit , and had the clip in the stock position!!!!!!! DONT DO THAT PEOPLE! Also, simply don't fall down and you won't have the starting problems.. If you do, then logic should tell you that you should kick the engine through a few times with the gas wide open to clear it out.

I can't believe anyone was riding the bike with the power up kit , and had the clip in the stock position!!!!!!!

There's no one position that's perfect for all applications and what works good for one person might not work as well for the next. It just depends what needle you're using, what altitude and temperature you're riding at, what mods are done to you bike, etc.

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