Pipe/header are stuck tight

New DR D exhaust system on my '08 YZF has about 1 hour of time on it

was doing some other work and needed the exhaust out of the way----- it has seemingly welded itself together to the point that i had to take the shock out to remove it

exhaust is stainless with a carbon can -- therefore, i don't really want to put "hammer of Thor" leverage on the muffler to break it loose and it is a weird slippery thing to work with

crap ---- i know about anti-seize, but usually just worried about it when joining dissimilar metals

30 minutes of this has me :thumbsup: -- cussing

My DR D is hard to get apart as well. I just leave the header attached and take both bolts out of the exhaust. Then turn the exhaust side to side while pulling with an up and down motion. Sounds dirty right? LOL. It still takes a while but it slowly comes off. Still dirty right? Can't describe it without it sounding bad.

if you heat up the can and use a wet towel to keep the head pipe cool and try to seperate them that way. just a shot in the dark

Pretty much all aftermarket pipes do that unless you pull them apart alot. I find sand and mud gets in there and pretty much welds them together.. I found what was said already is really the only way to them apart. I have found to use high temp silcone to kinda seal it off. I have found this works when you want to pull it apart. Once you do have it apart file down the high spots so it goes together easy.

Got it ---- geez --- i used a waxy chain lube called "white lightning" on the header/muffler juncture and it penetrated and slicked it up within 5 minutes

Bike had been ridden one clean hour -- no mud , water or anything -- just good 'ol galvanic corrosion

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