Brake Pads

Need new pads but don`t know what to get oem pads are to exspensive had a look at EBC MX-S what do you guys think? Need them for my wr450 07 front and rear!

i use ferodo sintered metal....they dont last long on the rear though :thumbsup:

i must drag it a bit.

tried ebc- red

didnt notice any difference in durability

I use EBC HH-rated sintered pads on my 320mm disc and they work very well.

I would recommend sticking with the OE pads, I have tried loads of different makes and none of them have felt as good and they all wore out considerably quicker........

The Fren Golds are the worst I have tried, they only lasted about 3 rides!!!


I just put on (about 200 miles ago) some driven sintered pads from motosport. They sell for 16 bucks per set and once you break them in (about a mile of riding) they stop as good if not better than oem. I have them on the rear right now and have a set for the front when they wear out, they seem to be holding up great.


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