Earth First activists awarded $4.4 million

Remember the Earth First Death Manual (see link below)? These same idiots just won $4.4 million in an OJ like court case. They were transporting a bomb covered with nails when it accidentally blew up their Suburban. The cops and the FBI arrested them and the stupid jurors thought the cops and the FBI were the bad guys.

What I want to know is what are these eco-freaks doing driving a Suburban? :)

Click here to see the Death Manual

Click here to read the news story

There is enough &*$%# ways to describe what a bunch of murdering bastards those fraks are.

All I know, is I best not run into one of them.

You wanna talk about a bomb! I'd be a bomb. Ready to go off.

wow, those people are sick. Have you ever seen any of those traps before? I saw a spike board on a trail once but it didnt work b/c all the nails just bent.

It has been pointed out to me that the eco-bomber millionaires were driving a Subaru, not a Suburban.

I stand corrected.

What a load of C#%P. Those Eco freeks dont deserve any cash setelment. AARRGGHHHH!!!! :):D That really pisses me off. They all need to be locked up.

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