PW50 vs. JR50

Anyone have any input if one is better than the other? I am looking for a PW but have found a JR for a good price and close to my house. Thanks for the help!

we have had both bikes and both are great bikes,

the jr50 is easier to MOD, and parts are cheaper

the jr50 has a better injection system and is easier to work on and the electrical is rock solid, overall i would pic the jr50 in a heartbeat,

the pw50 has less maintaince mainly because of the shaft drive so you never have to oil a chain etc, but this is actually a set back as you cant change your gear ratios on the pw. the pw has a center stand which i really dont like on the bikes vs a side stand,

the pw has a rear brake on the handlebars which i dont like as all bigger bikes has it down on the peg the jr50 has it down on the peg so it better prepares little ones using there foot to help stop the bike.

i like the pw50 rims better as they are solid and the jr50 has spokes,

the jr50 looks more like a big boy bike and you can cut down nice kx65 or rm65 graphics to fit on them and make them look sharp just like a ricky carmichael bike.

the front suspension on the jr50 is a little better then the pw50 and has more adjustment in it.

the jr50 has 2 different settings for height so it can grow with your child the pw does not.

the pw has a bad wiring problems and has a dumb throttle assembly with a start, run, and stop 3 way switch

the pw50 has the kickstarter in the wrong spot on the bike as where the jr50 is set-up like a big bike.

the pw50 is a reliable machine and a great bike, but overall the jr50 is better, thats why we had for racing 3 jr50's and only 1 pw50,

the jr50's are great reliable bikes that run well and are easy to ride, i would for sure give the jr50 a good looking at :thumbsup:

I suppose it depends on what you want the bike for. The PW is a shaft drive, so you won't have to adjust/change the chain. The down side of that is that you can't play with the ratio's like you can with a chain drive. The JR has another gear that can be unlocked which expands the drive options that much more. I'm still fairly new to mini ownership, but from what I've read there's more mod options for the JR. I'm getting ready to shave the head on my JR which will increase the compression ratio up to around 10:1. I've also read that the oil injector gear is plastic on the PW and can strip out leaving you without oil and a locked up engine. I have no idea what the percentage is for this happening, but the JR's gear is metal and near bullet proof.

There are some pretty good threads on here about both bikes. They are well worth the read. I'm biased toward the JR. I've been happy with it so far. Good luck with your decision.

Thanks for the quick replies! I think I'll look at a JR, 02 with newer top end, looks good in the pics, asking $500. Is that a fair price?

I guess it would depend on the condition. If it's been taken care of then it's probably pretty good. I haven't seen very many for sale, so I don't have much to go off of. That price looks like what I see on ebay though. Good luck.

get a OSET 12 or 16 much better!

yes 500 is a steal for a 02 jr most 02 03 etc here sell for 700-800,

anewer 05 like the a newer 05 like the one we just sold went for 1000 and that only 300 less then new, they hold there value great im sure you can ride it all next summer then turn around and sell it for the 500 you paid if not a little more, also never pay what they are asking if they want 500 offer 450 and have the cash with you :thumbsup: then use that 50 you saved for a couple mods.

i really like the spectro 2t injection oil in the jr50 it works great,

and when you are eady to mod it at all let me know i can help you out there so it grows with the kid, you always want a bike that is justr a little faster then what the kid is riding it at, that really helps make them a better rider.

may i ask is this bike going to be for trail/play riding or are you planning on hitting any races?


may i ask is this bike going to be for trail/play riding or are you planning on hitting any races?

It is going to be a learning bike but very possible turn to a racer. My 5 yr. old has taken over my XR50, so I'm looking for something for my soon to be 2 yr. old. I'm sure I'll need so mod tips in the future. I hope to go check this JR out this next weekend, if its not sold.

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