06 yzf450 airbox issues

I managed to shatter the bottom of my original airbox (the case not the boot) a rock or something must have hit it, then I buy another one used off ebay and one of the studs (keep the inside of the airbox off the upper frame rails) seems to have pushed itself through the side of the dam thing ! With a crack in it which would ovuisly allow water in etc...not good, anyone else have issues with these darn airboxes. Going to buy a new one from yamha (just the airbox case as the boot etc is in good nic) why my bike is in bits.

Anything that I can do to strenthen my airbox i.e. siliconing the joints or lining it with something ?

Also any tips on getting out the rivets which hold the rubber flap on which goes underseat at front of airbox (ive just tried drilling out some in one of the airboxes and they end up damaging the plastic and start spinning etc, ive also tried grinding the tops of with a minidrill and grinding bit, no use I end up wrecking all the plastic again.

The bike has been in bits for ages, it seems things keep preventing me from getting it back together ! (I've just had my engine out for a collapsed shift stopper bearing and the hot start had seized on !) :thumbsup:

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