XR80 gear shift Spindle replacement..

Hello all. I am pretty new to this forum which seems to be the most comprehensive on the net for XR80s.

My son loves his 1990 XR80 and I think he will be riding it for 2 more years or so. A few weeks ago he hit a tree stump and bent the gear shift back - all the way back over the foot peg. I can't believe he stayed on - but he did.

I have the Clymer manual and they talk about when the shaft has been bent back and having to cut the Spindle off. It looks like this is not too easy to do when the engine is in the frame but may be manageable with a cut off saw. I have attached pics.

My Questions:

1. Are there any other parts I want to replace when I have this apart?

2. Can I do this without taking the engine all the way apart?

3. The engine is 18 years old. However it is a strong runner for the most part. No blue smoke ever. Are there any gains to rebuilding it? If I have to completely rebuild this engine, what will the approximate cost be if I do it myself?

4. I am purchasing the parts from Hondaparts-direct online. Is there a better place?

5. Any other advice?




1. Shift Shaft, Clutch Cover Gasket, and possibly the shift shaft seal.

2. All you have to take off it the clutch cover, clutch, shift star, then pull the shift shaft out.

3. If the engine still runs great, I wouldn't bother rebuilding it.

4. The cheapest place I have ever found is Hondaparts-direct. There prices are great, but the shipping time can sometimes be very slow.

Cool thank you very much bikesandwheelers...

I really appreciate the help.. that is what I came up with. I hope that is goes as smoothly as it seems.


Well I finally got all the parts and got everything taken apart and put back together..

Cutting off the spindle was not as easy as it looked. I had to take out the seal and then cut it off inside of that before it would come out. That was not easy and it eventually took my dremmel with a cut off blade to get it out.

You can see the pics below..

The reason I added the almost.. is because i have a problem now. It was in 3rd when my son hit the tree stump and I could not shift out of 3rd until I rotated the engine with the kick once I got it all apart. Once I got it back into first and them back into neutral It was ok going back and forth. Once I started it up.. rechecked the oil and checked for leaks..it all seemed good. I later took it for a ride and it worked well until I came down from 4th to 3rd.. and then nothing. It would not shift down at all. I stopped.. turned off the engine and rocked it back and forth and eventually got it back into 1st and then neutral. It didnt seems like there was any adjustment in there. Can something be off? The Shift star?

Any ideas??


Jeff E




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