Do any of you find the stock computer(07/08) useful for enduros at all?

I know that the stock computer on my 07 wr450 is called an enduro computer, but it seems pretty useless when it comes using it for enduros. I know that most people who run a lot of events upgrade to a real enduro computer, but I was wondering if any of you guys manage to get by well enough with the stocker. Thanks.

Yep I have used it for enduros. It works well in the race mode. The average is not as useful as I had hoped unless you are right on time. I use it in conjunction with a roll chart and a backup wrist watch just in case in hit the wrong button. Get familiar with the different reset button before you head out. A specific enduro computer (3-500$) would be nice but for 4 timekeeping enduros a year this works great for me.

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