WRR vs DR650 Drag Race!!

I know they are not drag race bikes but as the season end(for bikes here) is fast approching I planned a trip to the 1/4 mile track(2h ride to get there) with a few buddies of mine. To watch the cars and even the bike wars.

But the saying "When in Rome" came to mind. I picked up my WRR the same day my buddy got his DR650 and we never raced from a stand still. We swapped rides once.

Looking at the specs:

DR650: 35hp & 362lbs wet= 10.34 lbs per hp

WR250R: 25hp & 300lbs wet= 12 lbs per hp

My WRR mods are all bout adding weight lol HID kit, skid plate and handguards.

But I weigh 154lbs with full gear while my buddy weighs about 220lbs.

I think it will come down to driver cz it should be very close bike wise.

All in all it should be fun.

So you guys think I can take it?

If your reaction time jumps him hard and if you get in a full tuck with quick powershifts and keep the front end down....maybe. But maybe his weight will let his rear tire hook up off the line and you may spin.

If I was racing I'd put my shnutz on the gas gap, rev it til I felt the engine about to implode then dump the clutch and let my feet fly off the back...followed by a quick left turn into the barrier.

Seriously, I dunno, there are so many variables but please, please let us know the results! And good job taking it to a strip!!

I agree with Yamalink,

Come off the line like you're riding a 125 2T MX'r - throttle WFO

and the bike in the meat of the powerband.:thumbsup:

It always cracks me up that everyone only looks at H.P. when it comes to vehicles.

I've come off 2 DR650's (a 91 and a 97) for an XT 250. Bought the XT over the WRR only because of my inseam and intended usage. (casual trail riding that wasn't worth spending 2,000 more for a "superior" WRR).

I test drove a WRR that was broken in that a friend has and, where I was impressed with the power it had for a 250 (much better than my XT) I know first hand there's no way it'll touch a DR in a 1/4 mile run.

Throw some whoops in that run and it will beat the DR but, never on a street.

It's not about H.P.......it's about Torque!

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