650R Rear Sprockets - WoW! Does this bike eat them

I put a Vortex 50T rear sproket on last summer and the BRP chewed it up in about 2 months. Any suggestions out there? I'm running dual sport, fire roads and woods here - what works in the desert? (wish I was there now)

You might consider a stainless steel rear sprocket. Had one on my WR400 and will be putting one on my Berg as soon as the old one is worn enough to spend the money.

The Vortex's look real nice being that their CNC machined from 7075 aluminum, but you're not the only person I've heard of whose worn out an aluminum sprocket quickly. If you want good sprocket life, then switch to a stainless steel sprocket as WR400Rock mentioned. Here's some info to read...


On the big 4-strokes you really need a stainless or ti-molly sprocket. My CRF burned a renthal in 10 hours and my 650r stock sprocket was like butter.

That's weird, I have never had to replace my chain/sprockets on my 00 (bought in 12/00) xr650. In fact I always bragg that I have only had to adjust the chain once, after break-in. I take it to Baja, Glamis, Octollio, and Lake Morena. I have chewed up a few rear tires though. Maybe your chain adjustment is off or the street riding is hard on it, I remember my xr 600 dual sport went through about 3 sprockets in the 3 yrs that I owned it. Maybe you are just a power junkie (like most big bore riders) and you are on the throttle hard. Hope you find a sprocket that works.

I've had good luck in the past with aluminum sprockets - those bikes didn't have the girth of my "Betty". The stock sprocket seemed to wear well but the gearing was wrong. My feeling is that Vortex sprockets are made to be used on XR50's. There will be a steel sprocket on her next year I think. Any recommendations?

I think cast iron is the answer. Not only does it wear well, it also gives the 650R the extra flywheel effect it deperately needs. :)

Get the titax SS rear and a DID VM Gold X-ring from Rocky Mountain. I think I paid $57 for the sprocket and $69 for the chain. One whole summer of riding and no visible wear at all. Much less expensive than those sidewinders which are vastly overrated.

...Much less expensive than those sidewinders which are vastly overrated.

I agree 100% and would buy something less expensive than the Sidewinder such as Moose, Titax from Rocky Mountain, etc.

Also make sure your chain is in good shape before you install a new rear sprocket since new sprockets are cut to fit new chains. If your chain is worn (change in length and pitch), it will lead to premature wear on a new sprocket.

This may sound stupid, but you guys are installing a new chain as well as new sprockets, right?

You can buy all the carbon fiber/titanium/platinum/uranium/playdough sprockets you like but they'll still wear excessively unless the chain is also new.

I replace the main & counter sprockets along with a new chain and haven't noticed excessive wear.

With that said, BD recommends the DID x-chain:


Of course they want $99 for it and it will probably get sent to the wrong address. Sounds like Danco has found the best deal.


Check out these rear sprockets in addition to stainless steel Moose, Titax, etc. I've never heard of Ironman Sprockets until today, but they appear to have a tough product. They make all kinds of sizes for the XR650R and they come with a 12 month guarantee! :)


Thank you qadsan - I like that design, they also come in a wide range of sizes. I'm running 13-50 now and it works well for me,(rev limiter at 94mph).

Cheap steel sprockets and a 520 RK-SO are the only way to go. I use this combo on all bikes and my budy with a CR500 has had great success too. I am talking 3 years of trail riding / racing. Dennis Kirk steel spockets rule!!!! RK-SO chains blow any priced DID away.

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