YZF 450 cylinderhead

A friend of mine broke his cylinderhead this weekend and now hes looking for a place in the u.s that are selling new cylinderheads. Havent found a webshop that are shipping to sweden yet so i search help from TT :thumbsup:.

Yamaha sells new Yamaha cylinder heads, and they're the only ones that do. Check eBay for dealers offering them at a discount, or order one from your local dealer. You might also try placing a want ad in the classified section here at TT (not in this forum), and check the parts for sale ads already placed.

Well i could not find anything here on TT, so we called the local yamaha dealer to get the price on everything we had to have for the complete top end rebuild.

The final price: 5 411$ :thumbsup: thats like buying a really good used bike ffs!

And now to the good part, a friend that are in the business can get me a brand new engine without kick starter and shift lever shipped and ready from USA to Sweden for only ~3 000$

God i love the states :worthy:

how did he break the head? drop a valve?


Sorry to hear that but have you had a look at the Millenium site they offer help I believe but I never tried it as my bike is still ok on the head of the cylinder.



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