wr426 help!!!

Ok this is my problem and this is what i started to do to fix! and the problems arrived by it!

I was warming my bike up on my way to work! and the bike died! and i couldnt get it to start! so i parked it and drove my truck to work!

pulled the bike apart hoping it was just my spark plug!

when pulling the plug wire off it seprated at the boot here is a picture i put the wire in the boot and I am still not getting any spark! I have an older Baja designs street kit on it so im not sure if my wire is bad from it coming out of the boot, or if coil went bad (dont know how to test it ), or if there is something with the baja designs kit switch! i tried to see if i was getting spark holding the plug to hte motor hoping i got shocked (i would have a real tingley fealing that i was getting spark!)But no such luck

i did the same unhooking the baja designs switch and still no luck i need some help here , Im so broke i was using bike to get to work cause of gas ,

and now i have to sell my daughters pw50 and pw80 to pay my bills while my bike has now sat all summer long! I dont know what to do but im very upset with it! I live in Washington where you cant get dirtbike street licensed any more but yet i figured out a way to do it and i think the politician gods are punishing me!

All you should need to test the coil/coil wire is an ohm meter. Any friends or neighbors happen to have one?

ok any way of explaining how i actually do the test? what wire to where yada yada yada

You can go to this site and download the manual for free. Use the adobe reader search function and search for the word coil.


I hope this helps!

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