does anyone keep track of there offroad mileage?

I bought my WR on January 21, 2001, and have written down every time and place I've ridden. All off-road with a lay-off for a seperated shoulder(tried the local track, 3rd time I went I jumped a double and washed out on my landing). My mileage is 2004.5 miles as of today. I rode 30 miles today and it was 102 degrees.

Where did you ride today? I have not ridden in over 4 months now. I miss the desert. I used to keep a little calender book with the mileage, who and where of my adventures, I think I'll start again.

If you ride in the AZ desert check out AZ Trail Talk

A great bunch of guys and gals that ride the Tanks, Bartlett, MM-11...ect every weekend.

How do you estimate the milage if the front wheel is in the air... or have you got one of those trick works rear wheel speedo drives... ?


I rode from my house which is on Happy Valley Road and I-17, to just past the Hwy 74(Carefree Highway) the area is all private and zoned residential and they are building houses out there, but I have to ride and its better than getting caught riding on forest land.

Try installing a bicycle computer. They're small, cheap, and work great for keeping track of mileage (cummulative total as well as trip mileage), speed, etc. I've got just over 1500 miles on my Y2K WR.

I have a log in Excel with the mileage, location and any maintenance done for all my rides. I usually record the track logs with my GPS too.

When I sold my 98 WR it had just over 7000 miles and gave the log to the new owner.

My 02 WR has 700 miles so far.

Yes I am a geek,

I used to keep track in a ride log I would keep. Sort of like a diary. For the first two years I was pretty diligent. Where I rode, conditions, mileage, who I rode with, and some comments on the ride and any mntc performed. But once I converted to the YZ look without the odometer last year, I haven't kept track anymore. I found the log the other day and read through it. I found some pretty funny stories. I wish I would have kept it up.

Dan, You are no geek!!! That's cool!!! :) DL

I have never zeroed the trip meter on my '98 400. It's been rolled 3 times, and is approaching its fourth. That's 80% on Michigan single track.

Originally posted by Burchardi:

I bought my WR on January 21, 2001, and have written down every time and place I've ridden. My mileage is 2004.5 miles as of today.

I bought my WR the day before you did, 1/20/2001. I have only half the miles that you do. Last year on Memorial day weekend I crashed down a rocky embankment and was off the bike for about 4 months. And yes, I keep a journal (it's NOT a diary :) ) of all my riding, maintianence and modifications, race results, jetting, suspension, etc...

I did'nt ride after work today, 106 degrees when I got home. Never have boiled over!!!!!

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