bound up kick start... i think

so just got back from the dunes and i had this problem twice while there. after i stop the bike the kick start sorta binds up i guess. i can still get it to turn over but it takes all my weight and still sometimes doesnt go. i know its not siezed cause it did it once but then about an hour later it fired right up like no problem. is it a cam problem or a compression release or vapor lock or what. beats me. anyone know?

alright well its sat a few days now and its still bound up. as aposed to the first time when it loosend up after an hour or so. I can still get the kick start to go every once in a while with a lot of work. any other ideas?

What year/model?

its a 2008 yz450f

Did it get dropped on anything? Is the kicker pushed in and rubbing the side cover?

So, when this happens, you can't put it in gear, pull it back a couple inches and have that free up the starter?

Faulty cam tensioner...Check into it...Sounds exactly like what happened to me...

That may be the case. If it's hard to crank all the time, and he can't back the engine up and correct that problem, then the auto decompression mechanism may be jammed, which happens very, very rarely, or the exhaust cam is retarded, which would be because the timi9ng slipped due to a chain and/or tensioner problem.

well i took it into the shop today to have them check it out. i still dont know. i didnt hit the kick start on anything it looks fine. my guess is the auto decompression thing is muffed up or the chain tensioner. but guess we will see what they come up with. ill let ya know...

thanks for your help tho!!

Interested to hear what it turns out to be...

Is it possible that kicking the bike over while very hot damages the spring on the tensioner???


sorry took me a while. yep like you said the cam chain tensioner fouled up causing the valves to go all out a wack. she is good to go now

this happined to me but my cam chain was ruined. to much sand in it.

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