How can i tell my bike is a WR426?

Hi this is my first post as ive just bought what i think is a WR426

The owner advertised it as a WR426 and swares it is but on the logbook it says WR400,is there a way to tell by looking at the engine etc?

Also the bike is definately an import to the UK as the speedo is in kilometres so im hoping it is a WR426

Can anyone let me know?

Many thanks

check the part # on the crankcase


Thanks for the reply

Do you mean the engine number?

If not which number do you mean and where is it on the casing?

Ive put pics up of the bike in the post where everyone put pictures up of their WR if thats any help by the way

Thanks! :thumbsup:

Have a look on the bottom of the cylinder, under where the exhaust comes out I think, and there should be a stamp saying what capacity it is.

Thanks for very much for that ill have a look tonight and see what is printed on the cylinder

Well thankyou for letting me know where the cc size is stamped,the bikes a WR400 i was well dissapointed :thumbsup:

The guy i bought it from has offered to give me some money back but i havent decided whether or not to take the bike back to him

Hey - there's absolutely NOTHING wrong with the 400 - it's just as potent as the 426 - get some money back and enjoy the bike!

well, what happened ?

how much cash did you get back ? did you keep the bike ?

pics pics ??



Fair enough im sure the 400 is fast enough i havent had a go yet! (I need to mot it for the road)

And i got £200 back (400 dollars) so cant complain,thats a big enough reduction from the price of a WR426.

It'll cost me about £150 to get it through the mot so the bike will cost me about £1050 in total including the mot.




haha - nice headlight - I got the same one - right down to teh ACERBIS sticker along the top!!!

you won't be able to use that on the street though (At least not here in Canada) - i put in 2 MR16 bulbs - one 50W spot the other a 50W flood - good lighting.

£1050 i'd be happy with that, sounds like a bargin to me. Ride it for the year and then sell it on you won't have lost any money at that price. Happy motoring

Yep i don't think i've done bad at £1050 if the mot goes well,but im gonna replace the plastics as some are abit scratched and some of the stickers are peeling abit.

And i think the headlight is e marked so should be ok for an mot,i hope so anyway!

where abouts in the uk are you?

Im in Bradford mate

And unfortunately the headlight wont pass an mot :thumbsup:

But i managed to find an original headlight,backlight,speedo and cable all for £30 delivered

I only needed the headlight but they all came together,though my current speedo is in kilometres so i might switch it to the one off ebay which is in miles.

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