2003 Yamaha Debut , only a few hours now.

I can hardly wait to see the new Yamahas, supposedly June 13 is the day.

Drooling as we speak

June 13th is the day? I wonder if they chose that because the YZF450 is 13 pounds lighter than the YZF426?


@ 9pm Pacific Standard time

Us losers on the east coast have to punch this up @ midnight...??? :)

We'll be at Bill's house ready to do some roostin', bench racin', drinking some brews, and I myself get to celebrate by jetting my carb again! :D I have left the DSP airbox at home...UNTIL I get my jetting sorted out, that is.

Then maybe a Power Now, that White Bros carb insert thangy, a Vortex Ignition, and a SOLID TITANIUM FRAME w/ Carbon Fibre everything else! :D

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