2008 YZ450F Owners....Need a hand.

I just picked up a new 2008 YZ450F on Friday. I plan on converting this to a supermoto track bike, and while in the process of planning for all the various ‘catch tanks’ required by track rules, I came across the following SNAFU.

If you view the bike from above, imagine a centerline running through the motorcycle, front to rear (through center of both wheels with bar straight, etc). The ignition module is mounted on the front of the head tube on a steel bracket. On my bike, when viewed from above, the bracket and module are not on the very front of the head tube, at 90 degrees to the centerline mentioned above…the fame is machined (and mounting bracket holes drilled) such that this bracket is mounted off to the left approximately 10-15 degrees from ‘square’ (crumby cell phone picture attached…it should give you an idea what I mean). I find it hard to believe that this was a ‘mistake’ but also can’t for the life of me see why it needs to be sitting ‘cockeyed’ like it is. Just to clarify, this is not an issue of a bent bracket or a mis-drilled hole. The front of the head tube has a flat area machined on it to accept this bracket. That area and the mounting holes are both aligned around the head tube to the left.

Can some of you fellow 2008 (not sure how other years mount) YZ (WR mounts the module elsewhere) 450 owners take a peek behind your number plate and report on the how your module is mounted (i.e…..90 degrees to centerline, or shifted to the side like mine)?

I planned on mounting a small coolant catch tank behind the front number plate. Not having the module square to the headtube is causing issues with my plan. I’m not sure yet how I’ll ‘fix’ this but first, I like to know if Yamaha did it this way on purpose or if I have an ‘oops’ on my hands here.

Thanks in advance for any help….

- Steve


Thanks, Gray. I've been drooling over those pics of swatdoc's YZ for a while. I presume you wanted me to see all the catch can info, eh?

Or....did I miss something in that thread about the mounting of the ignition module on his aluminum frame? I just re-read the thread....still didn't see it.

The modules are all that way. No idea why. Probably wanted more room on the right side of it.

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