2001 WR426 for sale

I have a 2001 WR 426 that I purchased last September, and I'm looking to sell it. It has probably less than 150 miles on it. I just put a brand new Dunlop 752 tire on the front, and a brand new Renthal O-ring chain on the rear. They haven't even been used yet. There was nothing wrong with the OEM stuff (wasn't worn), I just wanted a good front tire and we know about the stock chain. It also has Yamaha GYT frame guards. Other than that, it's stock. It has been well maintained for the short amount of time I've had it. It's never been dropped or crashed. The bike's located in Northern NJ, but I can ship it if required as I have access to motorcycle crates from a local dealer. If interested, send me a line. gmalarcz@jaguar.com

The stock chain on the WR's is the best chain I've ever had on a bike. Some others on this website will agree too. It way outlasted any other o-ring I have put on my bike- regina, RK, tsubaki, all of them.

How much are you asking?

Hmmm...looks like the trials bug has bit yet another person...

My '01 WR426 only recently reached the 300 mile mark, but I keep piling on the hours on the trials bikes!

Still love the WR, though.


Husky, I'm asking $5000, considering the bike is almost brand new. Any reasonable offers considered.

Mike, yeah I have a GG280, love it, mostly for the fact that I can be riding 5 minutes outside of work in some really good (difficult) terrain. Reason I'm selling the 426 is I have a 250F for mx, and never really get the time to use the 426 for the woods. It's just taking space in the garage, I haven't used it since March. Still starts second kick though, even after sitting a month.

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