Would 07 WR450f make a good dual sport/race bike?

I am wondering if a 07/08 WR450f would be a good all purpose bike, that I can use as a dual sport or race enduro's or hare scambles? I have too many bikes in the garage and I was thinking of getting rid of my current race bike (YZ250) and dual sport (DRZ400) and getting one bike that could do both. Would this be a good choice? I want to stay with a Yamaha. I would also like the WR250F but I don't think it would do as well as a dual sport. Any input good or bad would be appreciated.:thumbsup:



That's what I do with my 07 :thumbsup:

Well sort off, I've probably never ridden more than 10 miles of pavement at a time, but it is plated :busted: Not very legal if I ever went through an inspection though :worthy:

I race it in HS's here in BC. It's a little beastly in the really tight side to side but anything faster it fairs pretty well. As an all round bike I think it's a pretty good choice.

This is of course with all the free mods, exhaust and resprung suspension :blah:

I've also have mine street legal , But mine is mostly used on road and trails . But then again I also have a supermoto setup for mine . So I guess mine it tri-sported . even with all that it's still not the best bike at any one of the three . but it is also far from the worst , in fact I'd say it's a good solid mid pack type of bike. It does take alot on little mods and tweak to wake the motor up from it's detuning. There is no way I would ever be happy with a 250f except maybe with a turbocharger.

All you say is true and possible. However the 450f really if the best compromise if you vary your riding terrain. It can conquer the erzberg rodeo or shoot down to the shops for milk and bread!!!

My WR is often on the podium, I race it in an "A" class offroad series here in WA state so the part about it being a worthy race bike is proven:prof: If I could plate it I would but for serious DS'ing you would want taller gearing... the best compromise would probably be a separate set of wheels with different tires and smaller rear sprocket. Like tribalbc says, it's a heavy bike in the "bar lock to bar lock" type stuff but it holds it's own in just about everything else...

If I could plate it I would

Is it hard to plate a WR in WA state ? I would have thought it would be pretty mellow......

Here in BC you just ask for registration when you buy the bike, take the papers to the insurance office and you're done. As far as making it really road legal that's up to you and where you live :thumbsup:

I have two bikes. I started out with a wr450. I raced it in hare n hounds, scrambles and enduros. Its a lot of fun. Its also plated so I can take it on dual sport rides.

Its a blast. But I think there are other bikes that are more competitive for racing (at my level), so I picked up the yz250 recently.

If I could only have one bike, then it would not the the wr450. It would be the ktm300. But since I can have two, then my yz and my wr fill out my garage very nicely.

btw... I don't really do "dual sport" rides. I basically have a dirtbike with a plate just so that I can ride on the cool trails.

if you have a YZ250 and a DR already, I say to stay with that.The 2 bikes you already own are the best at what they are made for.

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