2009 YZ450F Review

I also have the new 09 YZ450F's and i want more bottom end for hair scrambles and GNCC races. The bike is all stock and i seem to stall the bike a little more then i have on any other bike i have ever had. Any information or ideas for more bottom end and tips anything to help prevent stalling.

A fly wheel weight will help with the stalling, after market exhaust will really wake that bikes motor up. I have the 08 and the pipe REALLY made things exciting.

I just got a new 09 YZ450F.The suspension is spot on for me 6' 180lbs.The power is a bit to mellow.But I've fixed that with a new pipe & a 165 main jet & the needle up one clip.Now she hauls. The traction has sufferd a bit but cares when you can be in a taller gear & can get to the next turn that much quicker.

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