Modify stock exhaust ??

I have an 02 WR426 and the spark arrestor nut broke from the insert. I pulled it out and went for a ride. WOW. I gota have that performance but can't have the noise. Is there any point in speding time modifying the stock stuff. If not can someone recommend an aftermarket. If there is a good mod to the stock please tell.


If the part that broke is black and has an outlet about the size of pencil that is not the spark arrestor but the baffle. It is so restrictive that the bike will not run well with it in.

White brothers makes a vortip which is pretty quiet and will run much better that the stock baffle but will not have the perfomance of an aftermarket exhaust.

Most any aftermarket exhaust will add a bunch of power and noise. I had a WB E series until it got destroyed in a race. Loved the power, hated the noise. Had forgot how much power it added until I put the stock exhaust back on.

Good luck.



Unfortunately, with added power comes added noise. :)

I had an XR4 pipe mod on my WR4 and removed the baffle.

I had so much torque i was holding on for dear life.

BUT the noise was Crazy!

The authorities sure had something to say about it.....

Well i had to take it off and use my stock pipe,

quiet but sure lacking in power.

The advice to get the vortip exhaust by WB is a good one,

less noise but adds more power.

Good luck in finding one that is quiet enough but kicks ass..

Peace :D

Baja designs has a new Vortip that they make. They have a picture if it as well as the White Brox vortip. The Baja looks like it would flow better. I run the WB tip in mine

went in to visit my buddie who is the merchanic here at the local shop. HE had a guy bring in his stock pipe under warrenty cause the baffle had fallen out. SO they ordered him a whole new pipe. SO this old pipe used 2 times sat there for 90 days. So he gave it to me. Now i want to know if there is any kinds of expieriments that can be done to this pipe. shortened, endcaps, i saw where someone used sheets of aluminum and washers to make a supertrapp type endcap for their bike. Was thinking about trying that out. Any other ideas. It is a shinny 426 muffler.


tctrailrider have you had your bike sound tested with the VOR tip??

Endurodog, I have not had it tested but it is quiet. Other posts on this subject in the past and the Vortip on the WR tests at approx. 91db. Stock plug is approx. 89db. One if the posts was a sound engineer and a reduction of 5 or 6 db cut the sound in half. Don't remember whether it was 5 or 6 db. 100db bike reduced to 94-95db is not a 5-6% reduction its 50% and thats a ton. I called Baja about there Vortip and it has not been tested but they thought it would be approx. 94db on the WR.

thanks for the info!

$100 for the baja designs baffle ??????? yea ok

You would think that a company like Baha or anyone else that made a product for $100 would spend $40 on a Radio Shack sound meter and test their product. They should at least offer a 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied. I have also called several aftermarket muffler manufacturers and get the same answers....never tested for sound. I got screwed buying a Supertrapp because it was at least 106 db (I bought a $40 sound meter). The guy I talked to said it was louder than stock but wasn't sure how much. If they told you the truth they probably wouldn't sell many mufflers. I would buy a Supertrapp with the quiet insert in a heartbeat if someone at the factory would give me real answer instead of "it's ABOUT as loud as stock, and you PROBABLY get more power than stock". This is irresponsable marketing at best. Excuse me for venting but if these people can't come up with a design for an environmentally correct muffler then either stop selling what they have or at least test the darn things and give us honest test results so we don't throw the thing in the corner of the shed and put the stock one back on. Also Yoshimura could not tell me how much the TEC inserts decreased the sound level. Do you suppose Yosh's budget doesn't allow for a sound meter, or maybe the insert doesn't work as well as they thought. Also (again) Supertrapp claims you can tune for either "sound or performance". This is true you just can't have both. If you tune for the optimum performance you are stuck with the sound level. If you tune for sound, you are stuck with what ever performance you get. Misleading advertising at best. Oh well, I'm done for now.

some guys use the stock baffle from a ttr250......the outlet size is twice as big as a 400/426 baffle.

also, some guys make their own, using soft plugs from a car engine, and conduit.

I do have an insert from a 2002 TTR-250 if anyone wants to try it. I'm willing to "loan" it out for testing purposes, but want it back. It's a big difference from the stocker, like XR600r said.

Hi HaremScarem,

If you are willing to let me borrow your baffle for testing I would gladly try it and do a write up. I am hating the stock baffle. I have to do something quickly. California regulations and all. Already thinking about the FMF Q and buying from Thumpertalk.

PM me



The parts fish you listed is for the TTR225.This is not the same style. The 250 baffle is the same as the WR baffle, with a larger port. Pm me with your address and I'll send the 250 baffle, Fed Ex (My Sister works there, I get a good discount). :)

I only ask you return the baffle when your testing is complete.

Buy a yoshimura TEC kit, remove the stock cork from the WR 426 remove the 3 bolts holding the stainless end on. Cut the stainless pipe off from the inside of the 3 bolt flange throw away the inside length which is has the holes in it and also throw away the pipe end which was once exposed. now you will be left with only the three bolt flange and it will now be flat,(Might need to file it slightly.)insert one of the TEC inserts into the end of the can should fit perfectly, make a gasket and reinstall the the three bolt cover and then the three bolts. It only costs $40 and you have a choice between two inserts. I have the smaller insert in and maybe it is only 1 to 2 db louder than stock. Good luck!

Here's a few pics of the TTR 250 plug next to the stock WR Exhaust. The plug is shorter in length and has a larger opening than the stock plug.


Plug 2

Plug 3

Damn that hole is much larger! Should be a lot better then stocker.

The plug is shipping Monday. Expect it Midweek.

i dont think you can just buy the insert fron yamaha for the 250....400...426. you have to buy the whole exhaust system.

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