Lets get more Camelbak support.

newriver,that wasnt a comparison it was a alternative.i dont need to try or compare camelbaks to any other drink system as far as im concerned buying there product is not an option.

platypus makes good products

i smell a rat. And it aint Freestyle111

freestyle - I think we are beating a dead horse into hamburger now.

1. First off it's a survey not an order to buy.

2. My purpose for posting the survey link on a few forums was to voice our opinions to Camelbak including yours. They made it easy for us and included questions about our sport.

3. I'm open minded and think a company who has never thrown money our way and starts doing so because riders requested it is a good thing. I don't subscribe to the conspiracy theory about they are trying to trick us.

4. Calling me a liar and thinking I'm doing this to further that conspiracy is interesting. What part of "I don't have anything to do with Camelbak" don't you believe? Your closed minded logic shows my point. I'll say it agian. I don't have anything to do with Camelbak. Like neW., the riders on RMD and others as linked above, I'm keeping an open mind and think Camelbak's current support for our sport is a positive thing that I would like to see more of. That is it!

I appreciate your passion for wanting to ban anything that smells green. But someone at Camelbak decided to throw a bit of money towards our magazines, and our "Super Bowl" 6 Days Enduro. Like other riders mentioned in the RMD thread we can throw them a tiny bit of appreciation for the change and request more support. Or we can call them liars and tell them don't bother. Obviously, you prefer the latter which is fine and again that's why I brought the survey up in the first place. They are the ones asking for your opinion. So let'em have it.


There is a fine line between open minded and naive. The Sierra Club has 700,000 backpacking, bike cursing members. Gee, I wonder if Camelback will swing over to our side?

If they ever do, the greenies will make sure it isn't for long.

let me show you what we receive if we support there product.[*]<ul type="square">Over the last week GMoney and I have talked to the local Camelbak rep and the PR agency that has handled the Camelbak account for the past few years. I am pleased to report that our findings show strong support for the OHV community by Camelbak.

After introducing the PR agency to the RidingArizona.com site and discussing the existing perception, or misperception, of Camelbak and the OHV community, Camelbak immediately offered to support our November riding events (Turkey Week & Poker Fun Run) by donating a couple of M.U.L.E. packs for the events. :D These packs are $60 at Popular when they are on sale, otherwise they are $70. Please note, I did not ask for the product. Camelbak generously offered to send the packs as a show of support. I talked to them on Friday, October 19th in the afternoon and the packs were on my doorstep on Tuesday, October 23rd.

The only thing Camelbak and the PR agency asked for in return was two things: 1) make sure the M.U.L.E. packs were given away 2) take pictures at the events and forward the pictures to Camelbak for possible use on their web site. It was mentioned in one of the earlier posts that Camelbak would be adding more OHV pictures to their web site. Well, we, the Riding Arizona network have the opportunity to help them with that effort.

Consider yourself updated! For those of you who will make the Poker Fun Run you now have an opportunity to win one of the M.U.L.E. packs on top of all the other great prizes. For those of you who will make the Turkey Week event you will also have the opportunity to win a M.U.L.E. :D I hope to see all of you at the events. GMoney and myself are looking forward to meeting all of you.


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a couple of free camel backs.whoopeee :D:D:) i bet the members of sierra club are still laughing about that.while they stand in line at bank waiting to deposit a 6 figured check from camelbak into there account. im done arguing with you jschner,you go ahead and keep supporting camelbak and sierra club.i think i'd rather give my support to blue ribbon coalition,AMA and N.O.H.V.C.C.

Quit bitching about it and get Camelback to support BlueRibbon and NOHVCC. Fill out the survey and put that in the comments, I did.Make them see that if they want our business we want support, not opposition.


the information they get from that survey is used to for advertisenent.they just want to no best time and where to place to advertise.you can dream about them funding ohv organizations all you want.bottomline is members of camelbaks board of directors are also members of organizations like sierra club and orca which have agenda to close our public lands to all ohv's.so you are just pissing in the wind by trying to get support from them.

Originally posted by Joel Gibson:


There is a fine line between open minded and naive. The Sierra Club has 700,000 backpacking, bike cursing members. Gee, I wonder if Camelback will swing over to our side?

If they ever do, the greenies will make sure it isn't for long.

We were outraged to learn of Camelbak's ad in the Sierra Club magazine. I think it is quite interesting that the buying power of all those radical activists has not even blinked at the idea of Camelbak running ads in a dirtbiking magazine. I don't think they really care. Who's being naive?

What do you think the Sierra Club will being doing while you're outside the sporting goods store asking people not to buy Camelbaks?

Gee, laughing, maybe? :)

For reasons that some folks just won't quite understand, I think you are on the right track jschner. If Camelbak is a wolf in sheep's clothing then, hell, lets find out. The bottom line on all this is that we are starting to try and flex our consumer muscles. Eventually, we'll figure out how to do it so that it does make a positive difference. I'm getting real tired of stepping up to speak in defense of Camelbak when I really feel that they've done nothing worth even acknowledging (positive or negative).

I challenge any hydration pack manufacturer to make a meaningful contribution to AMA or BRC or some pro-access group for the purpose of keeping our riding trails open. As long as your pack is of decent quality and functionally replaces my HAWG, I will buy it and display it's logo proudly.

jimmy,do you have camelbak advertisement on your website?do you really think after all these years camelbak has been in business suddenly they will see the light and give us support?when we did support them in the past what did they do for us?

Simple fact of the matter is that mike68 got royally jammed by Camelbak about a year ago for apparently no reason other than being an off-road rider and supporter. That company is as green as the weed you're smokin' if you think that they will ever come good with enough support for us to offset the damage that they have done to our sport by supporting the Sierra Club or ORCA or whomever! F*** Camelbak. Buy your hydration system from a company that supports OHV users and only OHV users. P.Z.

Well for me it's wal-mart to the rescue!! they sell a camel-back like drink system made by NEXT 70 OZ, pockets, elastic strap,the front has two-cross chest stabilizer straps, it works real good the only thing i dont like about it is the mouthpiece, it dosn't have a 90 degree bend in it which is kinda hard to get in your helment sometime but for 29.00 you cant beat it. it's in the bicycle section.

rideplate,thanks for understanding what needs to be done.as for the mouth piece you can buy one with the $50 you saved buying a "Next" hydration system.acerbis,moose,msr and thor sell replacement mouth pieces.rockymountain has carries the "TUSK offroad 100oz.hyrdopak"[it even comes with icepak that slides in pouch to keep drink cold.has a extra pockets for tools,maps and food]its only $39 item #49-2007 half the price of the HAWG

Yes, REI is pretty green. I have hiked and backpacked for some time with my sons' Boy Scout troop. I have done some of my business with REI for quite a few years. But, the employees there come from all points of view. Seems like many could care less what we are doing as long as we're behaving ourselves and not interfering with their backpacking or climbing activities. I think it may in part be due to their mountain bike business. Our mountain biking cousins are also under quite a bit of pressure, but obviously REI supports their activities.

For what it's worth, I agree with Jimmy. We're better off coercing their support than ensuring that they become an enemy. Go do the survey. Tell them what you think, and maybe we'll give old "SKY" a cork to put where it will do the most good. Won't be the first time a CEO told his VP to sit down and shut up!

Just a thought.


Originally posted by freestyle111:

the information they get from that survey is used to for advertisenent.they just want to no best time and where to place to advertise.

So, lets tell them, eh?


Freestyle get a ******* grip. When Mike68 got blindsided by CamelBak I offered to personally hand deliver any camelbak or tag that anyone sent me directly to their corporate office in Petaluma. I live in Santa Rosa. Do you know how many I received? None. My wife and I own 4 CB products - none of which have a CB tag left on them. Unfortunately, CB was the only company that made (or at least that I could find) what I was looking for in each case.

I challenge you to go meet with the president of CB and get his position. You might be able to do some good instead of shooting your mouth off.


i dont need to meet president of cb.instead i will start soliciting other hydration systems for there support.the only problem i have is id like to use tt 's 10000 members as a incentive for them to fund and support some of our group and organizations.i would think the possibilty of adding 10000+ new customers would be would be very appealing to some of these smaller hydration companys that are trying to make name for themselves.but everytime i start a post trying to get intelligent positive feedback from tt members.2 or 3 of tt people who are also sierra club members start jumping in posting support for camelbak.preaching we need to try and win there support.

OK, that's it freestyle. You can shoot your mouth off about anything you want, but DON'T CALL ME A SIERRA CLUB MEMBER. Why, I oughta............

I have been called a lot of things in this thread but I would have to agree being called a sierra club member is way over the line.

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