Opinions Needed on Dirt Bagz

Hi-I need to purchase some saddlebags for a short tour I am planning for the end of the month (Yosemite and Eastern Sierra). I like the price of the Dirt Bagz, but the website does not have any good pictures of the bracket system that comes with them. Those of you that have these bags, what do you think of them--do they hold a decent amount of gear, and are the brackets well engineered and not too ugly without the bags on the bike? If anyone has another set-up they like, please chime in! I can't really afford the aluminum case route, but am open to all suggestions. I will be camping, so I will have to carry a lot of stuff. I already have a factory rear rack and a large tail bag.



very popular with the advrider.com crowd

proven reliable. waterproof when you first get them





Boatxr-thanks for the pix. I think I will order these--they are at least $100 less than anything else I could purchase that would have side brackets. I was debating the system that Happy Trails sells with the GIVI hard bags but I was worried that they might not hold up to well in the event of an off-road spill.

cool man.

if you off-road/adv tour then,

another popular mod with those is to use the bbq ebay rear rack



the rack sticks out to protect the rear turn signals, plus dirt bags and racks in case of a dump. if you tour, dirtbagz & ebay rear rack with give you all the room to pack gear.

also, i think those dirtbagz racks look great on the bike without the bagz.

they are the least intrussive looking rack on the market.

just remember to thoroughly spray down the bagz with scotchguard or such when they are brand new as they are not waterproof. people who've done this have reported they've stayed waterproof over the life of the bag. those that waited and sprayed a used bag report they do not stay water proof.

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