Oil Type?

I need to buy some engine oil and I'm at work and forgot which type I need. Could someone let me know what weight/type I need. Thank you


either yamalube 20-40

or mobiel 1 15w-50 tri syenthetic.

dont get the energy conserving crap.

You need "Amsoil" synthetic, motorcycle specific (wet-clutch safe) 10W40...or 20W50 if riding at very hot ambient temperatures(over 70 to 100+*F). If possible, stick to 10W40 as the thicker 20W50 would cause a slight power loss at more normal temps...Besides, Amsoil's 10W40 protects more than other synthetic's 20W50 under any condition!...

Thank you.

I run the Amsoil as well.

yea and i have used yamalube for years and guess what . my bike is still running. But sure go pay more. LOL

What is the cost on the Yamalube? The Amsoil is 5.95 per quart.

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I use Amsoil. From experience I can say that you can't go wrong with any of thier oils - two or four stroke. I work in the powersports industry and have seen some awesome results with Amsoil products. Most other synthetic oils are playing catch-up with them. (Motul being one exception - I'm sure there are others). No bull - no hype - I'm not trying to sell the stuff - it really is great oil. Just my 2 cents - P.Z.

Looks like roughly $2.25 a qt by the case before shipping from here:

Rocky Mountain MC

Roost. :)

I was a mechanic for the ambulance service in victiria, Australia, and guess what all mineral oils blew up motors, but not Amsoil..

i use Belray EXP 20w50 semi-syn 4-stroke oil.i read a couple good articles on it in the past.i think the best 4-stroke oil i ve ever used is MOTUL 5000t semi-syn. it really seem to hold up better than other oil ive every used but at $8.95 a liter its to expensive.

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