Difference between canadian and US wr450?

I'm thinking of going for a wr450 from shippingmasters.com. They only deal in canadian bikes though. What are the differences in a canadian wr450? Anything significant? Thanks much.


My friend has a WR426 from Canada and I had a American WR426. His didn't have as much antipollution stuff on it. His muffler is sealed, but IMO it had more power than the US version unpluged. You should ask about delivery dates. I have talked with dealers in Windsor Ontario, and they feel the will get their bikes in March or later.

The difference is big.

The WR selled in Canada is same as selled in Europe cause of racing regulation. not same as selled in US!!!

Canadian WR is observed FIM rule.

European WR has no spark arrestor and throttle stopper and gray wire etc.... They are another bikes.

If you inport Canadian model into California,

you won't be able to register to DMV in the United States.

You might think well.

The big difference is in the muffler. It doesn't have "forestry approved spark arrestor" stamped on the muffler, though some say there is a spark arrestor inside the muffler. With the money you'd save you could buy a different muffler and have lots of money left over. Regarding the throttle stop, and grey wire, those are simple fixes most yamaha owners do on their own. Since your location says Salt Lake City (Great Skiing!) I assume you don't plan to ride it in California. If thats the case you should check your local rules to see if with a canadian model you can trail ride all seasons, and can get titled for on road use if you want to, after adding your states required street riding items. The odometer also reads in Kilometers.

Any more info? Is it worth saving 700? :)

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